Dirk Nowitzki -
The Career In Points

The name of the course and the project topic was data-visualization. As a huge part of the German sport history Dirk Nowitzki and his one of a kind career has been bringing the basketball world closer to Germany as never before. A reason for me to visualize his point statistics in a data-graphic.

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March 2021 -
July 2021

Semester II Project

Fabian Dieterich

Data Visualization

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In 2019 a German has joined the rank of the best basketball players of all time. Dirk Nowitzki is the only non-U.S. player in the world's best basketball league to make it into the top 10 players with the most points scored. Why Dirk is so high on the "All-Time Scoring List" is easy to show with the help of my data visualization. His consistent performance over the years in the National Basketball Association (NBA) sets him apart from hundreds of other players and makes him one of the best of his generation.

The data visualization focus into the point average per game over Dirk Nowitzki's 21-year playing career. In addition, I have analyzed the ways in which the points are scored and placed them in the data visualization. The axes of the data visualization shows on the X-direction the years he was actively playing and the scoring average per game on the Y-direction. The different scoring ways are shown in shades of blue, the dark blue color shows the points scored by 3-point shots, the medium blue show

the 2-point shots and the light blue shows the free throws. With the bars the game times are clearly delineated and easy to distinguish from each other. Through the roundings on the bars, the symbolism of the ball is picked up and a clear separation between the points paths is achieved. In my documentation you can find the way from the idea generation to the final data visualization.

On my website the broken down data set can be retraced and some more information about Dirk Nowitzki can be found. The website was primary designed for the size of a desktop or laptop screen, but I also tried to optimise the website for tablets and phone screens. With a click on the buttons on the right you can take a look into my process
and the final website.