Laguna Neukölln -
A music visualization

Laguna Neukölln is a track from the Berlin based producer and dj 90s Child Actor. With a highly methodical design process the song got an animation which embodies the vibe and mood of the track.

Project timeline

Project type

Project team

My contribution

October 2021 - February 2022

Semester III Project

Laura Bilger

Sound Analysis

Fabian Dieterich


Editorial Design

Max Karliczek

Sara Mostad

The goal of this project was the visualization of a music sequence. In the implemen-tation, the main focus was on the systematic use of basic geometric shapes. Part of this strategic process was a structured analysis, a comprehensive form definition and the development of a visual and extensive system. We chose the title "Laguna Neukölln" by 90s child actor. We asked the artist how he would describe his song:

» The track is made as an escape from the grey and cold Berlin winter. Inspired by palm trees, turquoise water, umbrella drinks and sunshine. «

Using a semantic differential and a mood board, in which we tried to capture the mood of the song through various images, we were able to get a better grasp of the song and the character at the beginning. This gave us an idea of the visual direction the visualization could take. Following and through the direct contact with the artist (via Instagram), we had access to the individual audio tracks of the song. So in the next step, we collected attributes, associations and characteristics that matched the tracks

the tracks and that were associated with the music. During the analysis, each individual sound track was listened to independently of the overall work and examined more closely. We were able to better grasp and name distinctive sections, and the length of individual notes and their use could be more precisely defined through this soundtrack analysis.

Likewise, we created a morphological box in each case in order to understand the music more precisely. After this detailed analysis we started to create first animations for our concept, which we adapted and concretized more and more in the further course. In the the visualization we also created a poster, which shows an excerpt of the piece as a key visual.