Camouflage - Good camouflage is half the battle

Camouflage is more than just the magic of not been seen. Camouflage is for a lot of animals vital to survive. It doesn't matter if they use it to hunt or to hide from a predator. With the knowledge we achieved thru research and the help of our cooperation partner the Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart, we decided that volume of the topic is to much to cover it over the span of the semester. We focussed on the camouflage variant of the mimesis and the leaf tailed gecko.

Project timeline

Project type

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March 2022 -
July 2022

Semester IV Project

Fabian Dieterich

Exhibition Design

Hannes Bruß

Interaction Design

Sabrina Kuom

Sören Weinstein

Graphic Design


In collaboration with the Stuttgart Museum of Natural History, we are bringing the topic of camouflage of the leaf-tailed gecko in the rainforests of Madagascar closer to the exhibition context. In the Digital Exhibits course, our task is to develop an exhibition concept as a prototype and to make the topic of camouflage understandable and tangible.

With our exhibition prototype we wanted to bring a mixture of analogue and digital interaction to the user.
The inspiration was from a former childs book where you uncover special content with a magnifying glass. What we thought would be sick, if the content is hidden on a screen, when you look thru the magnifying glass you see the content and when turning the glass you see different content. Which after all was able to do with a special code and scanning technique called ReacTIVision and amoeba tags.

You can take a closer look into how things worked out, what other ideas we had and more in our documentary.